10 Best Windshield Wipers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Windshield Wiper
If you are always irritated with the snow, rain and the scrap that is bothering you all the time then you are in the need of windshield wipers to get rid of this problem. As it is mandatory for your convenience as well as for your safety because driving with dirty glass may lead to poor visibility and inconvenience.Therefore, it is very important to maintain the windshield wipers to ensure safety as well as convenience. It should be ensured that the windshield wipers are not damaged as it will not clean the windshield properly.

What is a Windshield Wiper?

Best Windshield WiperThe Windshield wiper blade adds safety to your car or any other vehicle so that the windshield of your car is well-maintained and is not affected by the rain or snow. The most basic design of the wiper is simple that keeps the windshield clean and thus preventing miss happenings.

Components of a Windshield Wiper

Rubber Blades – Mostly the blades are made of rubber that can be easily made and not so expensive as well. There is flexibility in the rubber and can be attached to the steel housing as well which makes it quite strong to keep the windshield clean. The blades of a rubber wiper do not work for long and need to be replaced in every six months to ensure proper functioning.Silicone Blades – They are comparatively better than the rubber blades and quite new in the market.They can survive in bad weather for a longer time as compared to the rubber blades. Also, they have quite similar design and equally flexible as the rubber blades are but do not get damaged easily and work for a longer period of time. They leave the oil on the windshield which makes it easy to clean the windshield with the wiper blades.Coated Blades – These are high-performance blades that have inbuilt properties of rubber, hence, increasing the performance and extending the life of the blade. These blades are mostly coated with graphite and Teflon. Such blades have a longer life and better cleaning capability as compared to the rubber and silicon blades.Framed Blades – Such blades are made of steel and fits tight on the windshield. Unfortunately, its design makes an inconsistent pressure on the windshield beside the arc of the blade. This can lead to inappropriate cleaning of the windshields.Bracketless Blades – A new design that consists of a beam creating more pressure on the arcs which does not allow the snow to build up on the windshield.

Why and when should the Wiper blades be replaced?

Every vehicle supports different sizes of the blades and the windshield wiper shall be configured accordingly as if size is not proper then the wiper may get damaged easily. The blades should be replaced immediately if they get to crack down or are damaged due to the weather. Usually, the blades shall be replaced after every 6 months but there are still many factors to be kept in mind while replacing the wiper blade:Weather Conditions – If the weather conditions of a place are too cold or too hot then you need to frequently change the blades as in the extreme weather conditions the wiper blades get damaged easily and quickly.Surroundings – If the roads in the area are not clean and there is a lot of dirt then the blades might need to be replaced as in such surroundings they will shatter easily whereas on clean roads they may run for a longer time.Usability – If the blades are used regularly then there are chances of the year as compared to the blades that are rarely used by the owner.

Different aspects to Purchase Wiper Blades:

The Wiper Blade comes in different sizes to be fitted to the particular model of the vehicle. The size of the blade is basically determined with the help of a windshield. The size can be determined from the place where you are the wiper blades.The blades are usually fitted in such a way that they shall not get collapsed with each other. Also, it should be determined in advance that what type of blade is currently installed in your vehicle, this will help you in getting the perfect blade for your vehicle and thus avoiding any inconvenience.

Features of a Good Wiper Blade

  1. The wiper blade should be virtual with a streak-free visibility.
  2. The blade should be smooth with a wipe that is chatter-free.
  3. The blade must be flexible with enhancing grip.
  4. It should support a significantly reduced noise as well as wind lift.
  5. The blade should be capable of facing all the harsh weather conditions.
  6. It should be able to prevent the ice and snow build-up on the windshield of the vehicle.
  7. The blade must be easy to install.

List of 10 Best Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wiper NameMaterialSizePrice
Rain-XSynthetic Rubber26-InchCheck Price
BoschFX Dual Rubber26-InchCheck Price
ANCODuraKlear Rubber24-InchCheck Price
ValeoTec3 Rubber22-InchCheck Price
AeroSpecially Blended Rubber26+18 InchCheck Price
TricoHighGlide Treated Rubber24-InchCheck Price
MichelinRubber26-InchCheck Price
AutoTexDuraTex Advanced Rubber24-InchCheck Price
TuningProsDual Rubber24+18 InchCheck Price
SillbladeDual Rubber20-InchCheck Price
The above-mentioned windshield blades can be explained as follows:

1. Rain-X-5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blade

Rain-X-5079281-1This blade is usually preferred by the users because of its high-quality and unique design. It easily holds a grip on the windshield, thus, provides a streak-free operation. The blade rubber is coated with graphite which makes it last for a longer period of time. It also prevents the building up of snow and ice by the elimination of the metal exposure.Hence, the rubber is flexible which makes it last for longer period of time as well as smooth against the window. It promises a streak-free wipe even in harsh weather conditions and thus, keeping your window and sight clear in worst weather conditions as well. You can choose from ten different sizes according to the size of your windshield from 16-inch blade to 25-inch blade. And such sizes are available for both driver side as well as passenger side because they are generally of different sizes.The blades are easy to install as the instructions can be easily followed and it also supports a J hook to be attached to all the vehicles and with the adapters as well. It includes bayonet, PTB, I & L wiper blade arms to adjust in almost every vehicle. The device promises durability and keeps the windshields clean in every weather may it be cold winter or heating summers. The blades offer high-quality so they don’t need to be replaced in every season, also the blades work without making noise which makes them very convenient.The blade supports some impressive features as well which can be defined as follows:Easy to Install – The blades can be easily installed as they come with a pre-installed J-hook adapter bayonet, PTB, I & L wiper blade arms which make it really easy to install.High Performance – The Wiper puts even pressure, thus, cleaning the windshield smoothly and entirely as well. Also, includes a special graphite-coated rubber blade and also less noise and a smooth driving experience.Ice- Resistant Frame – The blade has an ice-resistant frame which avoids the ice to build-up and being exposed to metal components which make it durable as well as flexible.Check Price – US

2. Bosch-26A-ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch-26A-ICONThe blade is long-lasting with FX dual rubber that makes it more durable. It is resistant as well even in the worst weather conditions, therefore, the blade performs quite well and doesn’t get damaged easily. It has a unique beam design which is patented by its manufacturers. Such design helps in cleaning the windshield with even pressure all over it. The blade comes in multiple sizes and hence, can be fitted in most of the vehicles. The size ranges from 13-inches to 28-inches.It also includes the adapters which help in easy installation and thus, fitting in almost every vehicle. They do not contain any brackets or hinges which make it less noisy and convenient while driving. You can place these blades in front as well as back windows. The blades are strong enough and a cannot be damaged easily by snow or levels of heat. There also consist an integrated spoiler thus increasing the pressure and elimination of lift off at high speeds.It promises high-performance which means they don’t need to be replaced in every season and also maintain factory standards for high-end vehicles. Such blades cover the full length of the windows and keep the windows clean in the rainy season.The wiper blades also have easy installation and the instructions are mentioned clearly. With these blades, you can enjoy easy and convenient driving for several years.Following are some of the features of the Bosch wiper blade:
  • An exclusively FX dual rubber resisting the heat and the Ozone deterioration that makes it more durable than other wiper blades.
  • Quiet-Glide and Micro-Finish Wiped Edge for a constant performance.
  • An exclusively double lock connector for security and a quick connection.
  • It also involves an asymmetrical spoiler to increase speed as well as performance.
  • A unique beam design to resist in harsh weather conditions.
Check Price – US

3. ANCO 31–31-24 Wiper-Blade

ANCO 31–31-24 It is among the top wiper blades and also providing an economic key for top-class wiper blades for a windshield. The blades ensure clear vision even in the harsh weather conditions. The blade involves easy installation and also includes adapters, thus, a cheap solution for windshield wipers. The blade comes in 16 multiple sizes ranging from 10-inches to 28-inches. The blades also ensure flexibility which can be tightly fitted in the windshield.It also includes KwikConnect kit so that it becomes easy to install the blades as well as the adapters to fit in most of the vehicles thus making it easy to install. It also includes an audible “click” which ensures that the blade is being installed correctly. The blades work efficiently even at the high speeds. Although, the blades are durable the company recommends to replace them in every six months to experience their best performance.It is also recommended that the blades should be cleaned each time the windshield is cleaned. The debris and road grime adhere are something that can cause the blades to damage easily. It is advised that during snowfall the snow shall be cleaned with an ice scraper as cleaning directly with the wiper blades can cause the wipers to crack down easily and they will need to replaced more frequently. The blade is quite affordable and offering reliability as well.Following are some of the features of the ANCO-31–31-24-Wiper-Blade:
  • Multiple sizes – The wiper blade comes in 16 multiple sizes, thus, can be fitted in most of the vehicles and in the front and back windows.
  • Easy to Install – The blade is very easy and convenient to install as it comes with a kit that helps in quick installation.
  • Streak-free – The blade is streak free that is it does not leave any scratches on the windshield.
  • Durable – The wiper blade promises durability and doesn’t need to be changed frequently after some time of installation.
Check Price – US

4. Valeo 900221B

Valeo 90221BValeo wiper blades are one of the most reliable wiper blades which are quite durable. An amazing product with a lot of features which makes it more appealing for the consumers to buy. The blades are quite easy to install and don’t need any adapters which make it more convenient to handle. Also, it does not require any metal structure to wipe out the ice or the snow. It helps you to drive easily even in heavy snowfall or rainfall which means it is compatible in every weather.The tech 3 rubber technology gives you a smooth and a quiet wipe experience. But the blade is quite expensive and sometimes is not affordable by many people. Also, the edges of the blade are quite sharp which may cause injuries while using it. Still, its tremendous features make it one of the best wiper blades to be used by the people who live in the areas with high snowfall.It has many impressive features that can be explained as follows:Speed – It offers high speed and quite good performance at high speeds.Durability – The new tec3 rubber technology makes it quite durable and quite long lasting.Easy to Install – The blades are quite easy to install without any adapter.Check Price – US

5. OEM Windshield Wiper Blades

OEM Windshield The wiper blades are capable of being used in all seasons may it be snowfall or summers. It offers a great quality and an OEM replacement. It has a frameless beam design that helps in preventing the building up of snow and ice. The blades are durable thus ensuring longer stay with one million times of wiping. Its aerodynamic design help in reducing the drag, noise as well as wind lift. Although the blades are quite expensive but have a J-hook that helps it to get fit in any windshield easily.The blades have a premium natural rubber with DuPont Teflon coating with unique designing that is frameless as well as bracketless. The blades have a temperature tolerance of +158F TO -40F.Following are some of the impressive features of the OEM QUALITY 18″ + 18″ AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades:
  • They are capable of working in all seasons may it be snowfall or summers.
  • It guarantees OEM replacement, quality, and the fitments.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It ensures durability.
  • It has a frameless unique beam design that prevents the building up of snow and ice as well.
Check Price – US

6. Trico 25-240 Force High-Performance Beam Blade – 24-Inch

Trico ForceThe Trico is quietly a unique beam blade with a swept-wing spoiler that can slice through the wind speeds up to 135 mph that may be caused due to the crossing of winds or generally through traffic turbulence. It offers an all-weather performance with easy installation.It has a high glide rubber element for smooth and quiet wiping. The blades are easy to install and multiple lengths of the blades are available to fit the windshields front as well as behind windshields.Its refills are manufactured in such a way that they can be easily fitted in the originally designed and assembled wiper. It can be replaced with any type of the product unless it is an OE product which may not get fitted properly. Although it is expensive than other blades it is worth it as it ensures durability and reliability as well.The  Trico 25-240 Force High-Performance Beam Blade – 24-Inch also inculcates some brilliant features which can be explained as follows:
  • It’s Vortec aerofoil helps in converting the wind force to have a maximum contact with the windshield.
  • It ensures smooth and quiet wiping.
  • It has an easy installation and also has an adapter as well.
  • It comes in multiple sizes that are 14-inch to 28-inch lengths.
  • The refills are such that they can easily fit as the original equipment in the windshield.
Check Price – US

7. Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid

Michelin 8026 With this wiper blade, you can drive safely even in the harsh weather conditions with its high-quality blades. The wiper blades offer superior quality which is streak free and wipes out the ice and snow quietly. The blades are easily installable and also available in multiple sizes.It ensures that the entire windshield is cleaned with its wiper blades. The blades are available in almost all the popular sizes with an EZ-LOK connector system that makes it really simple to install. It also supports an independent suspension to adjust the shape of the windshield of any vehicle and thus providing a strong contact between the windshield and the blades.

To prevent the snow and ice from clogging and thus shrouding along the sleek of the windshield to have the cleanest wiping of the windshield.

It also inherits some impressive features that can be described as follows:
  • It is a streak-free windshield wiper that quietly wipes out rain, ice as well as snow.
  • It uniquely adapts the shape of your windshield to have proper cleaning.
  • It involves the independent suspension for providing a strong bond between the windshield and the blades.
  • There is no need of changing the blades in different weather conditions.
  • It can be easily installed in most of the windshields.
  • Its rubber compound is more resistant from tear and damages from weather conditions.
Check Price – US

8. AutoTex B1-24 B1Pro

AutoTex B1-24 B1Pro The wiper blade has a beam blade thus creating uniform pressure beside the windshield all through the operation. It also supports a Vortex symmetrical spoiler that uses the air to have a maximum contact with the windshield.The connecting system of the windshield comes with a pre-installed connector that can be fitted with the hook, pins as well as the bayonet arms. The rubber compound is natural and comes with an advanced compression-molded. The rubber frames eliminate the building up of snow and freezing of ice on the windshield.Check Price – US

9. TuningPros WBP-P18

TuningPros WBP-P18  The wiper is easy to install and supports dual-rubber-technology as well as flexibility thus reducing the chatter. It has an Exclusive weather shield connector system that protects the arm connection from building up of the snow as well as ice. The wiper blades are quite convenient and perform well with its unique designs. The blades are easy to install as well as easy to maintain. This is a good choice.Check Price – US

10. Silblade WB120S

Silblade WB120S A standard style premium blade ensuring smooth operations, visibility and good performance that can be used for years. It uses high steel gauge powder coated with a paint that can survive in worst weather conditions as well as resist the corrosion. It comes in various different sizes as well. It has a plastic bushing with an excellent wear as well as its anti-corrosive features. They prevent the metal parts from coming into contact and thus reduces the possibility of generating any noise.The stainless steel rivets attach the primary, secondary and tertiary levels that are utilized to keep them accurately safe as well as its anti-corrosive properties. It offers a multi-function adapter that ensures 94% coverage of applications and ensuring the easy to install blades.The blades have highly elastic stainless steel with a high-quality power paint on it as well.Check Price – US


The windshield wiper blades are an important factor to ensure the safety of your vehicles. They ensure safer journeys and keep your vehicles well maintained and ready to survive in all weather conditions. Also, they should be replaced in the specified period of time to have a convenient drive. You can choose from a number of choices available to you. There are various options and will be delivered to your doorstep just a click, only you have to do is make the right choice.If we have forgotten to mention any blade that is quite best at its work then please mention it in the comments below.For any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment!!
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