10 Best Tumble Dryer to Buy in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Tumble Dryer
Struggling to dry your clothes after washing them? or don’t have sufficient area to dry the wet clothes? If is it so, then I guess you heard Tumble Dryer which is the best appliance to quickly dry the clothes. It is very helpful in rainy season or a cold weather, If you have not heard of the tumble dry then you probably have a few questions which this article may be able to answer.Tumble Dryer to BuyIf you live at the small place or have limited space in your home then leaving your clothes to dry around the house isn’t the great idea. For such situations, the Tumble dryer is the best option to go for. I find that tumble dryers are being commonly used everywhere to dry clothes instead of the natural way.Most of the people prefer drying their clothes using Tumble Dryers which is very convenient and easy to use. In this article, you are going to know the different brands of tumble dryers and they all are good in a respective feature. Also, I’m going to tell you about the way of choosing the new best tumble dryer.

Things to Choose Before Buying Best Tumble Dryer

The Process of drying the clothes during the rainy or winter seasons is really a time consuming and you can’t able to hang your clothes outside on the line due to the imperfect weather. The only way to save you from this situation is “Tumble Dryer” and when looking for a new dryer, there are several key points to consider, so I have the top tips to consider when purchasing the new tumble dryer.If you are planning to buy the tumble dryer over the coming months then these parameters definitely help you to achieve in leading the best tumble dryer. So, Let’s look at the important factors and get what we want only.

1. Tumble Dryer Types

Before purchasing the new tumble dryer always aware of the types, They perform the similar task but the process is fully different & disparate. There are 3 common types of Tumble Dryer, and here are following:-
  • Vented Tumble Dryer: – The Vented Tumble Dryer uses a hose to expel the damp air produced as a result of the drying process. For the better use, It should be placed near the window. Due to this, they can often use more energy to dry your laundry making them more expensive to use.
  • Condenser Tumble Dryer: – The Condenser Tumble Dryer is best for the kitchen or utility room without the need for a vent, so as you can imagine they are a lot more convenient. The Warm air is cooled and condensed within the machine and separate water from the moist air, which is then emptied after drying or pumped out by a waste pipe. Nowadays, These kinds of tumble dryers are familiar with the trended market.
  • Heat Pump Tumble Dryer: – The Heat Pump Tumble Dryer conserve the hot air created and reuse it, making them a lot more energy efficient compared to other types of a tumble dryer. It is the most energy efficient as the warm air is reused, meaning less energy is needed to generate heat. They have a small heat pump that provides heat to drying laundry. It’s generally the most expensive type of dryer.

2. Capacity

Tumble dryer comes with different modes of capacity, they come usually between the Large, Compact, Average size. It depends on the person usage, If you have limited number of usage then buying Compact drum size dryer would be the best which offers a capacity between 3Kg to 5Kg. For the large household, a drum has a capacity between 8Kg upwards. For the average, it has a capacity between 6Kg to 7Kg. So, It’s good to look at the capacity of tumble dryer before buying. Just choose your perfect companion and select the Large, Compact, Average size according to your requirement and usage.

3. Energy Efficient Model

Before purchasing the new tumble dryer, always look for the energy efficiency. All tumble dryers are graded A+ to G depending on their energy efficiency. Choose a dryer that has a higher efficiency rating, The equipment with higher efficiency consumes less amount of electricity, so by choosing a highly efficient tumble dryer, you save on your utility bills. The ones rated A+ is most economical. The Machine which consumes less electricity cost you high.

4. Technology and Functions

All Tumble Dryer comes with the number of technology and functions. As you pay more, you will find more features and controls. Let’s cover one by one each perspective that should be looked before purchasing the new Tumble dryer of any brand.
  • Sensors & Timers
  • Temperature Setting
  • Wrinkle Shield
  • Electronic Control (LED)

5. Sensors & Timers

Today’s Tumble dryer is incomplete without any sensors and timers, The main advantage of using timers is that just once set the timers so that they can be left to function independently without any interaction of the user. The same with the sensor which detects the machine ongoing processing, It can detect the level of moisture inside the dryer and release hot air accordingly. Once the clothes are dry, the dryer will stop automatically instead of going on until the set time is over.

6. Temperature Setting

The Temperature setting matters a lot, If you need to make your clothes dry in any set of temperature like Warm, Hot, Cool, Air, Dry then it should be work nicely and perfectly. Humidity is also the region for keeping the clothes dry in short time and it matters a lot. If the hot humid air is at 100RH, nothing will dry. If the cold air is at 100RH then also nothing will dry. At 100RH, the air is 100% saturated with water. The only way the air could hold more water is if its temperature was increased (assuming no pressure changes). At anything less than 100, there is room for more water in the air and water will evaporate until 100% is achieved.

7. Wrinkle Shield 

When you are unable to remove a load of clothes from the dryer as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form. The wrinkle shield care feature helps to dry clothes with less or no crease so that you don’t have to iron them. You may select the “With Steam” setting to add a short steam cycle to help smooth out wrinkles. This is the great feature to look for.

8. Electronic Control(LED)

Good Dryers mostly comes with the LED electronic control on the console to make thing more clear and easy for the user. It is the great advantage to buying the tumble dryer which has LED electronic control integrated.  The controls on the console, It will indicate and show the stages of the drying program, remaining time, time delay, heat settings and fabric type.Also Read these Articles:
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List of Best Tumble Dryer to Buy

Product NameFuel TypesCapacityWeightPrice
XtremePowerUS X998Condenser3.3 cu.ft.55.1 PoundsCheck Price
Samsung DV70F5E0HGWElectric115 litres116 PoundsCheck Price
Kenmore Smart Front-LoadElectric & Gas9.0 cu.ft.-Check Price
LG DLGX4071VGas7.4 cu. ft.134 PoundsCheck Price
Whirlpool FWDD117168W-7.3 cu. ft.151 PoundsCheck Price

1. XtremepowerUS Stainless Steel Tumble Clothes Dryer

XtremepowerUS Tumble DryerIf you’re looking for an environmentally friendly dryer then you should check this XtremePowerUS tumble dryer which requires a 110 volt and loaded with multiple features. It has auto dry and timed dry settings which let you allow the timing setting and more. This machine was easy to setup and looks great with the Avanti laundry shelf.The machine has a huge porthole door that opens at an angle of 150 degrees. This ensures that the movement of the clothes is effortless and free. The solid rectangular door comes enabled with integrated handle and security lock so that the door cannot be opened accidentally. The tumble dryer ensures maximum drain of water as directly as possible. It sets its ecological standards with its interest in water disposal.It works so silently, You can’t hear a thing when this appliance works at full pace. I turned on a cycle before going to a bed and not hear a single thing, it’s a great advantage of XtremepowerUS. The device is integrated with the see through window which allows you to easily monitor your clothes load while it’s drying to make sure everything is going smoothly. It is the perfect partners for the washing machines and proves to be very useful and worthy of purchase. It is best for small spaces, also you can put it in your bathroom and move from one place to another.Highlights of XtremepowerUS Tumble Dryer
  • Ideal to Mount on the wall
  • 110 Volt Requirement
  • Weight 42 pounds
  • 1400 watts
  • No Battery Required
  • Two- Stage Filter
Check Price – US Bottom Line: XtremepowerUS compact dryer is lightweight and perfect for small areas such as apartments, condos, and lofts.

2. Samsung DV70F5E0HGW

SAmsung Dv42h5200EWAs you all know the Tumble dryers are very important device nowadays, especially with the drastic changes of environment, they dry the clothes very quickly and efficiently. They are also inexpensive and rather easy to use, The same applies on this Samsung DV70F5E0HGW which features steam drying technology that works to refresh clothing and eliminates wrinkles before they even appear. It has Samsung’s Smart Care technology which allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your smartphone.It comes with the sensor dry technology that automatically adjusts drying time based on how much moisture is remaining, so your clothes come out perfectly dry. The door of this impressive small tumble dryer is reversible, making it easy to customize your laundry room. It stores the 115 litres of the capacity dryer which lets you dry laundry baskets in a single load.The good thing about this tumble dryer is that it comes with Smart Care solutions which keep customer service and troubleshoot issues straight from your smartphone. The Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to perform an immediate diagnosis and offer quick solutions. As compare to the XtremepowerUS compact dryer, It is quite noisy and create loud noise while workingHighlights of Samsung DV70F5E0HGW
  • Drum Light
  • 115 litres Capacity
  • Dot LED Display Sensor Drying System
  •  A++ energy efficiency
  • 3-level Drying Anti-Crease
  • Sensor Dry
  • Smart Care
  • On/Off Signal
  • Delay end Condenser Drainage Kit
Check Price Bottom Line: It comes with the 115 litres  capacity, Dot LED Display Sensor which makes this one of the best Samsung tumble dryer.  

3. Kenmore Smart Front-Load Laundry 

kenmore_dryerThe Kenmore Smart Front-Load Laundry  5.2 cu. ft. Electric Dryer lets you get the laundry done your way. With a 9.0 cu. ft. of dryer capacity and Dual Sensor technology, this Kenmore dryer gets your fabrics dry in one go. Use the Heavy Duty, Towel or Bulky/Comforter cycles to tackle heavy shopping loads of laundry; no more tossing things back in for a second go-round or traveling to the laundromat for a specialty dryer.It uses Dual Sensor technology to monitor moisture content and adjust drying temperatures and time. No more over- or under dry clothes or trying to guess how long to set the dry cycle. The heated dryer rack is designed to help channel air around tumble-free items, like shoes and beloved stuffed animals, for an even dry without misshaping. Using this can cost you a high bill because it has no energy star compliant, it is the big demerit of this Kenmore tumble dryer.Done Laundry on your schedule, Wrinkle Guard gives your laundry a quick toss for up to 150 minutes after the dry cycle ends to help prevent set-in wrinkles. The Express Dry and Small Load cycle can get smaller loads dry in 30 minutes or less, just in time for you to get dressed for work. As this appliance also comes with the Smart Dry technology that takes the guesswork out of getting laundry dry. Just set it and forget it. The dryer will adjust temps and times for youHighlights of Kenmore Smart Front-Load Laundry
  • Dryer Capacity 9.0
  • Dryer Interior Size 7.0 cu. ft. and greater
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Dryer Power Source 220/240V Electric
  • Electronic LED
  • Door Window
  • Sensor Dry
  • Interior Light
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Timed Dry Option
Check Price – USBottom Line: This Kenmore electric dryer has a clean, modern design and easy to use touch and dial controls, perfect for giving your laundry room an updated look.

4. LG DLGX4071V

LG DLGX4071VThe tumble dryers of today are built for convenience and speed, with larger capacities and this LG tumble dryer has everything you want. It has the capacity of 7.4 cu. ft. and looks very elegant and stylish. Whatever size you need, from extra-large with 7.1 cubic feet capacity to mega capacity at 9.0 cubic feet, LG dryers let you dry more volume so you can do fewer loads. It has an Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display so that you can check your all activities & command on the screen.I’m damn sure you will get impressed with all design and appearance of this Hotpoint tumble dryer, As it comes with a stainless drum which allows you to dry your clothes regularly without excessive wear and tear. It also has full sensor control, a reverse action drum for more efficient and gentler drying, an anti-crease function, electronic control with digital display, a reversible door, an interior LED light and more.This silver tumble dryer is integrated with the LG’s TrueSteam technology which generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odor, practically eliminating the need for ironing. The best part of this dryer is that it is the gas tumble dryer. If you want to save money and help with the government’s plans of cutting the CO2 emissions then getting a gas tumble dryer is a great option.Highlights of LG DLGX4071V
  • Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display Yes
  • Dial-A-Cycle
  • Sensor Dry
  • Wrinkle Care Option
  • Child Lock
  • End of Cycle Signal
  • Drying Rack
  • Drum Light
  • 4 Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Reversible Door
  • Precise Temperature Control with Variable Heater
Check Price – US                    Check Price – UKBottom Line: This machine has the capabilities of an iron, fabric steamer, clothes dryer, fabric freshener and more all in one unit. 

5. Whirlpool FWDD117168W

whirlpool tumble dryerThis Whirlpool 11+7KG Washer Dryer is the Gas Tumble Dryer which comes with the automatic temperature control, front panel control location, cycle indicator lights, reversible door, Lint Filter indication and much more options that make it magnificent gas tumble dryer of Whirlpool. The big advantage of this appliance is that it also wash and dry which means it is the machine which comes with the washer and dryers. With a 7.3 cu. ft. capacity dryer drum, there’s plenty of room to easily handle any load you wash in the matching top load washer.This model uses the added benefit of steam for even better wrinkle-fighting performance and wrinkles Shield option helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. The process lasts for up to 140 minutes or until you open the dryer door. It uses less energy while still getting great drying performance with the EcoBoost option that uses less heat and extended cycle times for greater energy efficiency.The best part of this best tumble dryer is that it manufactures in the United States, You can easily get genuine repair and replacement of parts if you are the citizen of USA. This Whirlpool tumble dryer comes with the Sanitize cycle which provides excellent care for your clothes while eliminating 99.9% of three common household bacteria without washing. The only demerit I found this in Dryer is the Price, If you want to enjoy the plenty of features then you have to spend the more money on it, as it is costly. Overall, This is the best tumble dryer to buy.Highlights of Whirlpool FWDD117168W Washer & Dryer
  • Quick Dry Cycle
  • Wrinkle Shield Option
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Ecoboost Option
  • 7.3 cu. ft. capacity
  • Gas Tumble Dryer
  • Stainless Steel Dryer Drum
  • Quiet Dry Ultra Noise Reduction System
  • Estimated Time Remaining LED Display
Check Price – USBottom Line: The Design is really spectacular and stunning which will definitely attract you, It is very efficient, quiet, and works great at any place. 

List of Cheap Tumble Dryers

Product NameFuel TypesCapacityWeightPrice
Panda Portable DryerVented2.65 cu. ft44 PoundsCheck Price
Haier HLP141EVented2.6 cu. ft.43 PoundsCheck Price
The Laundry AlternativeVented2.2 cu. ft.12.3 PoundsCheck Price
Panda 3.75 cu.ft Compact Laundry DryerElectric3.7 cu. ft.48 PoundsCheck Price
Whirlpool WED4815EWVented7.0 cu. ft.200 PoundsCheck Price

1. Panda Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

Panda Portable Compact Cloth DryerThis compact dryer comes with 8.8lbs cloth capacity/ 2.65 cu.ft makes it easy to quickly dry clothes, sheets, table linens, and more. If you are on a budget then this Panda Portable Tumble dryer is the best option to go for. It comes out warm air, it’s fine if leaving in the room in winter. It’s also ideal to mount on the wall.The Noise level of this cheap tumble dryer is quite low, it creates very low noise while working. The good and bad part of this compact tumble dryer is that it produces warm air which is ideal in the winter and can better heat up the room but in warmer months, it would make your room more warm and hot. Use regular power rated in North America, plug anywhere. Transparent window allows seeing inside of the machine clearly and transparent.This dryer is perfect if you live in an apartment with no special venting or electric. Just a standard 110 outlet. The controls of this impressive tumble dryer are on the bottom which is quite perfect if mount on a wall or have a stand. The main downside of the machine is that it takes 2+ hours to complete a cycle. The other main downside is that the instructions are useless, I highly recommended this for the areas such as Apartments, Condos, and Lofts.Highlights of Panda Portable Compact Cloth Dryer
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Removable Filter
  • Transparent Window
  • Rated Input: 1400W / 800W
  • Exhaust Vent
  • Easy to clean and Replace
  • 4 dryer temperature selections: Warm / Hot / Cool / Air Dry
Check Price – US                   Check Price – UKBottom Line: It is Perfect for apartments or other small living spaces. It perfectly coordinate with any Panda washers, and any other compact washing machine.

2. Haier HLP141E 2.6 cu. ft. Portable Companion Electric Vented Dryer

HAier HLP141EThis mini Haier Tumble dryer does not compromise on features as it is loaded with tons of features and functions at very affordable price. It is small in dimension and easy to mobile from one place to another. The weight of this compact appliance is near about 19KG and has a capacity of 2.6 cu. ft. It comes with easy-touch digital controls so you can select from four different drying cycles and also has three temperature settings for better output and company.The vented tumble dryer is also simple to move around if needed as it is vented tumble dryer, It works with any standard 120-volt outlet. The Design of the tumble dryer is also impressive and elegant, With its sleek look, it complements your Haier washer. Choose from dry times of 30, 60, 90, 120 or 150 minutes to accommodate your clothing needs. It has a built-in sensor that detects when the clothes are dry to end the cycle and save you on energy costs. The sensors can detect the level of moisture inside the dryer and release hot air accordingly.This compact tumble dryer machine comes with the LED indicators which show the operating status of the machine. With Timed Dry Cycle, saving energy and protecting clothing from over-drying. Overall this is the best option to go when you are on a budget, This Haier tumble dryer not costs you high and gives you multiple ways of drying in advanced technology.Highlights of Haier HLP141E:
  • Digital easy-touch controls
  • 2.6 cu. ft
  • Four Different Cycles
  • 4 drying cycles and 3 temperature settings
  • 120 V, 60Hz plugs into standard household outlets
  • Dry times of 30, 60, 90, 120 or 150 minutes
  • End cycle sensor
  • Quick Connect
  • Compact Electric Vented Dryer
  • Cycle Progress LEDs (Red)
  • Check Filter Indicator
Check Price – USBottom Line: With its small and compact design, it is ideal for use in apartments or other living spaces.

3. The Laundry Alternative Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer

Landry Alternative Mini PortableThe Laundry Alternative Mini Portable will dry your clothing without damaging, shrinking, or creasing any delicate clothing. This is the amazing Tumble dryer at a cheap price, Mini tumble dryers can do everything you would expect them to do, they are essentially smaller forms of normal tumble dryers. As it is small in size and structure does not mean that this dryer performs bad quality of work.It has simple control dial which works fantastic, just turn to desired time. The clothes come out so amazingly dry, it only takes a few hours hanging indoors to complete make it wet. If you live in an apartment that has little or no outdoor space for a clothes line then you might want a small tumble dryer for fulfilling your needs. The bad thing about this is that it is not ideal for large families, but perfect for single or a couple.The company states that after purchasing it, must unscrew motor locking brace from the bottom of the unit prior to use or it won’t work. It has the capacity of 2.2 lb for dry laundry, only weighs 11 lbs Compact, measures 13.5″ x 13.5″ x 15″ It takes 2-3 minutes for dry laundry of about 1-2 pairs of jeans. The 1750 RPM spin cycle makes this dryer more impressive and perfect for the novice and amateurs. If you’re trying to be economical then must look at this Laundry Alternative Mini Tumble Dryer.Highlights of The Laundry Alternative Mini Tumble Dryer
  • No hookup required
  • 1750 RPM spin cycle
  • Spin Dryer
  • Portable and Light
  • Wonderwash 110V
  • 82W
  • 2.2 lb capacity
Check Price – USBottom Line: It is ideal for one or two people, Not recommended for the Big or large families. 

4. Panda 3.75 cu.ft Compact Laundry Dryer

The Panda 3.75 cu. Ft. Compact Dryer is the proper choice for you and your family. It is a space-saving layout that makes your laundry easy and simple. It is compact which is perfect for smaller laundry loads, you could use it in apartments, dorms, RVs, and it also can be the second one dryer for your house. It capabilities a massive see-through window. Stainless Steel drum is long-lasting and resists rust and chipping. It has a detachable interior lint filter and a user-friendly manipulate panel. Choose drying time, from 20 to two hundred minutes. A wall-placing bracket comes included, may be wall-mounted. Regular 3 prongs a hundred and ten Voltage can be plugged anywhere, 1500 Watts of motor fee which may also take a little longer to dry the clothes, however, it saves the energy bills.Highlights of GHP Portable Mini Tumble Dryer
  • Load Capacity: 13.2lbs.
  • 4 Dryer temperature selections.
  • Dry  Time from 20 to 200 minutes.
  • Voltage: 110V.
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts.
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty.
Check Price – USBottom Line: This portable dryer is ideal for offer convenience for small areas including condos, apartments, lofts, dorms, and RV. 

5. Whirlpool WED4815EW

Whirlpool Wed4815ewIt is a giant and best tumble dryer of Whirlpool with a 7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity,  This Whirlpool has the drum capacity 115 liters, with 4 different drying temperatures for greater flexibility. Dry your garments and linens with 1 of 14 cycles which are designed to help you dry a wide variety of items include heavy duty, air dry, damp dry and more. This Appliance will really help you to solve the laundry problems very conveniently and easily.This mini tumble dryer comes with the Auto Drying system and plenty of room to easily handle large loads and bulky items, this high capacity dryer helps to keep your style solid. The Heavy Duty cycle manages those bulky items like towels and comforters with a high temperature to help ensure overall dryness. And, for those days when clothes in the dryer are an afterthought, the Wrinkle Shield option intermittently tumbles for up to 90 minutes after the cycle ends to help keep wrinkles from setting into your clothes while they’re in your top load dryer.Just easily operate your dryer with the help of rear panel dial that controls offer easy operation. It is a highly efficient dryer & saves time between loads with an end-of-cycle signal. If you have returned from the long trip and had a lot of laundries to do then this Whirpool tumble dryer offers you the great service at the reasonable price.Highlights of Whirlpool WED4815EW
  • 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity Dryer Drum
  • AutoDry
  • Wrinkle Shield
  • Heavy Duty cycle
  • Reversible Door Hinge
  • 4 Leveling Legs
  • Powder Coat Interior
  • 4 temperature settings
Check Price – US                   Check Price – UKBottom Line: This Whirpool Tumble dryer performance and simplicity are really best. It is highly recommended for the apartments, condos and more. 

Editor’s Recommendation

What I highly Recommend to my lovely readers is that better to look at the product which is fulfilling your all needs and requirement. Picking the right dryer is really hard for the people who are not from this industry. For them, it’s good to follow the advice and take the own decision. By Analyzing the number of Tumble dryers, I thought the best one according to me is:Kenmore 81073 9.0 Cu. ft. Electric Dryer which comes with the huge 9.0 cu. ft. of dryer capacity and Dual Sensor technology, and lot more other features. This Electric Dryer is the perfect choice for the big families who have the members of 5+ and if you are living in a small apartment that does not have a vent or a high voltage outlet or you are on low on budget or don’t want to spend more than buying the Panda Portable Compact Cloth Dryer is great option. It creates very low noise while working, I highly recommended this for the small areas such as Apartments, Condos, and Lofts.Wrapping up the PostAlways Keep in mind that machine wash and tumble dry are not suitable for all clothes. Now, wrapping up the post, If you have any query or want to share some important information about the tumble dryer then let us know via the comment section or contact us page.Just Feel Free to ask, and If you want to appreciate this wonderful article then must share this post on your social media, and let make this post viral and let the post reaches to the accurate people who are planning to buy a new best tumble dryer.Thanks for reading this 🙂Remember always: “When you buy something, you are doing more than just buying. You are making an investment”.
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