The Best Short-Throw Projectors of 2018 – A Complete Buying Guide

Best Short Throw Projectors
The short-throw projectors are different and somehow best from the regular projectors as they can be kept close to the screen as compared to the normal projectors that need to be put at a larger distance to have the best possible view. As if someone is short of space then they need to buy a short-throw projector to have an experience with the big screen.Best Short-Throw ProjectorAnd if you are a movie lover and love to watch videos as well as movies on a big screen even at home then you should have a glance at the short-throw projectors which can be used as a home theater as well, there is a large variety available to you and you can choose among them. You must have a look at the following article which includes comparisons between the best short-throw projectors and other criteria while choosing a short-throw projector.Short-throw projectors are generally used in areas such as small conference rooms, classrooms, trade show booths and small home theaters. Also, the students in the classrooms usually put their hands on the AV pieces of equipment but due to a very little space between the projector and screen, this problem can be overcome.

What is a Short-throw projector?

Short Throw ProjectorsA short-throw projector allows its users to create a big view of the pictures in tight spaces without the inconvenience caused by the shadows creating an obstruction in images or the light shining on the presenter’s face. They have very short throw ratios, that is the distance between the screen and the projector as compared to the screen size. The projectors that are quiet shall be preferred when it is being used in a smaller area.

How does a Short-throw Projector work?

It is very simple to operate the short-throw projectors, you just have to place the projector 2 to 3 feet away from the screen and then adjust it according to the screen and you are done, now you can simply enjoy the big-view of pictures on the screen.

Things to be considered while choosing a Short-throw Projector:

  • Lumens
  • Throw Ratio
  • Lightning Source
  • Lamp life
  • Brightness
  • Noise
Lumens – It is one of the most important factors as it depicts the brightness of the image being projected. So, the lumen number should be at least 3000+ to purchase. The higher lumen numbers help in getting a high-definition picture quality even in the daylight. Therefore, the projectors purchased should have lumen number between 3000-5000.Throw Ratio – This ratio depicts the optimum distance between the projector and the screen. The ratio is calculated by dividing the width of the projector image with the distance of the projector from the screen. The best projectors have a ratio between 0.38-0.50. The smaller ratio helps adjust the projector to sit nearer to the screen.Lightning Source – There are different sources available for the projectors that are: DLP (digital light processing technology) or LED and lasers. The projectors with lightning source LED and lasers are better than DLP as they need replacements after some time and also have some problems. But they are not altogether bad, they work properly and don’t need any replacement before 5000 hours of usage. You can choose from DLP and LED according to your preferences.Other things to Consider:Lamp Life – The projectors that are cheap generally rely on the UHP or metal halide lamps that have limited brightness and need to be replaced after a certain period of time whereas a LED light source projector will have the longer life and doesn’t need to be replaced more frequently.Brightness – It is very important to check the brightness as if you want to run the projector in daylight it will be able to project the image and it can only be possible if the projector has greater brightness.Noise – Some projectors may be noisy, therefore, it is an important factor to consider that the projector should not be noisy if it is going to be placed near the individual.

What is a Throw ratio?

The throw ratio is an important aspect for a short throw projector. The throw ratio can be determined with the help of following equations:
  1. What is the distance of the projector from the screen?
  2. What is the width of the screen?
for example: If the screen is 10 feet wide and the projector is 20 feet away then you need a lens with a throw ratio 2:1, which helps in getting clear and bright images and hence, getting a better view of the images and visuals.

Benefits of a Short-throw Projector

Avoid Duck and Cover – It happens to most of the people while giving presentations someone walks in between the projector and the screen because of the larger space between them but the short-throw projector overcomes this as there is very little space between the projector and the screen.In Focus – The normal projectors always have this problem of distorted images on the screen as it is most of the times too close or too far to get the right image but the short throw projectors always have sharp and clear images because it is always placed near the screen.Blindingly Obvious – While giving a presentation if you by mistake looked into the eye of the projector then there is an obvious chance that you may become blind for next few minutes but this can never take place with the short throw projectors.Disadvantages of Short-throw ProjectorsFixed Offset – You have to place the projector at a fixed place as it is defined in the guide book that at what distance the projector needs to be placed which sometimes become inconvenient.No Zooming options – You cannot adjust the size of any image or visuals according to your preferences.The key factors to maintaining a projector for a longer period of time:
  • The initial cost of the projector.
  • The installation cost of the projector.
  • The cost of replacing the lamps.
  • The filter cost and cost of replacing the labor.
  • The cost of repairs from time to time.
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Following are some of the best short-throw projectors available in the market, you must have a look on them:

List of Short-throw Projectors

Short-throw ProjectorTechnologyContrast RatioLumensPrice
ViewSonic PJD6383S XGADLP15000:13000Check Price
Optoma GT1080DLP25000:12800Check Price
BenQ W1080STSmartEco Technology10000:12000Check Price
BenQ HT2150STDLP15000:12200Check Price
LG PF1000UWLED150,000:11000Check Price
ViewSonic PJD5553LWSSonicExpert Technology22000:13200Check Price
LG Electronics PH450UGLED100,000:1450Check Price
Big Shot UltraDLP20000:1200Check Price
Optoma GT750STLED20000:1700Check Price
ASUS S1LED100000:1NACheck Price
Philips HDP1690LED1000:1200Check Price
These were some of the best short-throw projectors and can be explained as follows:

1. ViewSonic PJD6383S

ViewSonic PJD6383S4The projector is compatible with classrooms, business purposes as well as for home purposes. It supports 6 segment color wheel that helps in making sharp, clear and colorful images within a close range. It ensures clarity as you will be able to see the sales chart, history notes, graphs and all other images.It ensures clarity as you will be able to see the sales chart, history notes, graphs and all other images.The projector has 3000 lumens which can throw images from an area as small as 30 inches and even from far away as well about 300 inches with clarity. It has some brilliant features that can be explained as follows:
  • The projector is very light-weight that is 6.6lbs.
  • It offers a very good brightness i.e. 3000 lumens.
  • It supports a great contrast i.e. throw ratio which is 15000:1.
  • The projector has a DLP link technology.
  • The short throw allowing an 80″ diagonal image from an area as small as 3 feet.
  • The projector has a full (RGBCMY) color management in user modes.
The projector with DLP technology is best suited for classrooms as well as for corporate purposes.Check Price – US                     Check Price – UK

2. Optoma GT1080

Optoma GT1080The projector is a perfect one for the game lovers but also good for corporates, classrooms, and the movie freaks. It is also one of the best short throw projectors for home theaters. It supports excellent quality images that can be saturated in all predefined modes with bright contrast and colors.It supports excellent quality images that can be saturated in all predefined modes with bright contrast and colors.The projector has a marvelous sound system that includes a 10-watt mono speaker with long lamp life that is it can regularly work for 5000 hours in bright mode and 6000 hours in eco-mode without the need of replacement.It also supports many different features that can be explained as follows:
  • The screen can project an image as large as 111 inches from an area as small as 4 feet.
  • It supports a 2800 ANSI lumens.
  • It ensures 1-year limited parts and Labor with 90-days on a lamp as well.
  • The throw ratio is quite good that is 25000:1.
  • It also supports keystone correction.
  • Also, promises high-speed performance i.e. fast action on video games with ultra speeds.
The projector is best for playing video games.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

3. BenQ W1080ST

BenQ W1080STWith this short throw projector, you can experience 1080p full-HD home theater even if you are in a small room. It supports different picture modes such as dynamic, standard, cinema, 3D, User 1, User 2, User 3. It promises high-quality pictures with clarity as well as downscaling or compression.It promises high-quality pictures with clarity as well as downscaling or compression.The projector has an eco blank mode that reduces the power consumption by 70% when you take a break from your work. And also the SmartEco mode that helps in adjusting the power so that maximum power can be saved along with the best contrast and the brightness.And also the SmartEco mode that helps in adjusting the power so that maximum power can be saved along with the best contrast and the brightness.Some of the key features of this projector can be explained as follows:
  • It has a SmartEco technology.
  • It ensures a full HD 3D support.
  • The projector also contains a 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness.
  • It gives you an experience of 1080p full-HD theater even in a smaller area.
The projector is among the best one to enjoy a 3-D experience.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

4. BenQ Gaming Video Projector

BenQ Gaming Video ProjectorThis short-throw projector takes the video games to the big screens with a projection of 100″ of a big screen within 1.5 meters only. It has a low input lag with many different game modes to make sure that the users experience an ultra-smooth as well as the best gaming experience.With the support of DLP technology, it ensures that the image quality is best with no aging problems and decaying of the images and thus getting the best pictures every time. The device is easy to install and hassle free as you can zoom the pictures in any space and thus maximizing the space available.It also supports various unique features as well and that can be specified as follows:
  • It supports a bigger angle to have more immersion in the viewing experience.
  • The projector is highly responsive for the gaming.
  • It ensures visual clarity in distinct ambient lighting.
  • It allows an independent control for all the six primary colors.
  • Supports intuitive user interface design.
  • Easy to install
The projector has been awarded 2016 Editor’s Choice award, Projector Control.Check Price – US                          Check Price – UK

5. LG PF1000UW

LG PF1000UWWith this projector, you can get a big screen view. It delivers epic images with very short distances, you have to place it just 5 inches away from the screen to get 60 inches wider images.It also offers a full HD 1080P quality of the pictures, thus, giving you an experience of a home theater. It supports LED technology which 30,000 hours of usage without any discrepancy which means it can last up to 10 years if used for 8 hours per day. The projector is very easy to setup.It also supports wireless connectivity, you can simply share the content using wifi with your computer or android to watch any content on a big screen. The projector also offers HDMI connectivity which means you can connect any devices such as gaming consoles, laptop etc by simply using an HDMI cable.It supports a number of brilliant features that can be described below:
  • Ensures an ultra short throw projection from an area as small as 60 inches.
  • It supports LED illumination system which ensures 30000 hours of work without any replacement.
  • It is easy to set up and convenient to use.
  • It also offers wireless connectivity.
  • Using HDMI cables you can connect to any device easily.
  •  It also supports a Bluetooth-compatible sound system.
  • The four-corner keystone technology enables a perfect image alignment.
The projector can be connected to any device wirelessly that is recommended for watching premium content.Check Price – US                     Check Price – UK

6. ViewSonic PJD5553LWS

ViewSonic PJD5553LWSThe short throw projectors with high brightness supporting 3200 lumens. It is quite affordable with some versatile features. It can be used for multiple works such as a home theater or giving a presentation as well as for gaming purposes.With different colors, it promises clear images and videos that can be enjoyed by an individual. The projector is quite easy to set up and it is quite affordable with acquiring only a little space. The throw ratio is also quite good that is 0.49:1 with a screen size of 56 inches from a mere distance of 2 feets.It also supports a number of features that can be defined as follows:
  • It offers a 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor, 1-year limited warranty on lamps and a one-year free express exchange service along with product registration.
  • It can work up to 10,000 hours in the Eco mode.
  • It creates clear images and videos from a very short distance.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes such as home theater, office work as well as gaming consoles.
It is best recommended to be used as an outdoor projector screen.Check Price – US                     Check price – UK

7. LG Electronics PH450UG

LG Electronics PH450UGThe projector contains an embedded battery which lasts up to 2.5 hours. You can get 40 inches of bright images from just a distance of 3 inches. It can be connected wirelessly to any device such as a smartphone to view movies, pictures etc. It also supports a Bluetooth sound system like audio speakers, headphones etc.It can be connected wirelessly to any device such as a smartphone to view movies, pictures etc. It also supports a Bluetooth sound system like audio speakers, headphones etc.It is also enabled with LED illuminating technology that ensures 30,000 hours of usage without any replacement. Also, it has 450 lumens.The projector also consists of a number of features which are as follows:
  • It produces ultra short throw images that are 80″ from 13″ away.
  • You can connect to the screen wirelessly.
  • It also supports a Bluetooth sound out system.
  • It supports about 30,000 hours of lamp life.
  • It also has up to 450 lumens.
The projector has been certified as frustration free due to easy installation.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

8. Big Shot Ultra Short Throw Smart Projector

big shot projectorWith this projector, you can change a place into a complete entertainment zone. You can experience 42″ images from a mere distance of 15″ and simply connect with a wifi to watch the streaming content on the big screen.It also supports Bluetooth system as well with which you can turn up the volume and also it consists of inbuilt JBL stereo speakers as well. It consists of 1280×720p HD resolution with 200 lumens thus, creating a theater-like experience in the dark.It also supports a number of features that can be described as follows:
  • Clear and big images from a smaller area.
  • With the USB ports, you can also charge the USB devices.
  • You can directly connect to it through wifi.
  • Supports inbuilt JBL stereo speakers.
  • You can also connect to the Bluetooth sound system.
  • You can also connect to the Apple devices but they need a separate Apple digital AV adapter.
With this projector, you can transform a place into a complete entertainment zone.Check Price – US  

9. Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma GT750STThe projector supports LED technology with great connectivity through MHL, HDMI, and other wireless devices. It supports 720p HD resolution. You can project an image of about 100″ from just a meter away. You can easily see a clear image without the interruption of any shadow as it is placed near the screen.There is no need of a color wheel as the LED projector uses different light colors such as red, green and blue and thus creating a projected image. Due to the LED technology, it can work up to 20,000 hours without any interruption.The images can be projected in full 360-degree range along with the vertical axis including ceiling or floor. You can attach many devices using wireless USB adapter or with the free HDCast Pro app with which you can annotate over files and view web pages, use the camera and also stream videos, images, audios as well as documents.The features of the  Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector can be defined as follows:
  • It has an inbuilt media player to playback movies, videos, and sounds.
  • Delivering big images from shorter distances through short throw lens.
  • Can be connected to android, ios and windows device through integrated HD cast Pro.
  • The LED technology makes the lamps work for over 20,000 hours without the need of replacement.
  • The LED projectors also eliminate the need for color wheels.
The projector is best recommended for gamers and movie freaks.Check Price – US

10. ASUS S1

ASUS S1The projector is designed such that it can be connected to any of the devices using HDMI/MHL ports. The USB ports can be used for charging and it also contains ASUS Sonic Master enhanced speaker for better sounds. It is quite smaller in size and can be carried anywhere with convenience. Its weight is just 0.75 pounds only.It is quite smaller in size and can be carried anywhere with convenience. Its weight is just 0.75 pounds only. The short throw ratio of this projector is just 1:1. You can also connect it with Apple devices using Lightning digital AV adapter from Apple.It supports a 6000mAh power bank that can charge your mobile devices even if the projector is off. It can display up to 41 inches of images on the screen which makes it one of the best projectors for giving presentations. It also supports 100% NTSC color saturation with full-color RGB projections. It has low maintenance fees which can work up to 30,000 hours without the replacement of the lamp. It has an instant on/off mode which means the LED light source is not needed to warm up or cool down.The features of the projector are described as follows:
  • The device has a premium and durable design.
  • Instant on/off mode.
  • LED technology.
  • It provides large, clear and bright visuals.
  • It is capable of working for up to 30,000 hours without replacement of the lamp.
  • It has a power bank of 6000mAh which can charge your USB devices even when the projector is off.
  • It supports an ultra-chargeable projection with built-in rechargeable batteries.
The projector is recommended for traveling due to its small size and light weight.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

11. Philips HDP1690

Philips HDP1690It is a high-definition projector with LED technology and it also supports Bluetooth and wifi technology.It supports a ProGleam engine and NaturalColor technology providing brighter images with better colors. It supports 600Hz pictures. With the HDMI cable, you can connect to the game consoles, Blu-ray player etc.It also consists of in-built loudspeakers to have 26W loud sounds. Also, supporting all the 3D models. You can also stream your favorite videos and movies online by connecting your devices to the projector through Bluetooth or DLNA ( Digital Living Network Alliance) functionality.The projector is easy to install and you can get 50″ to 100″ of images by placing it just a few centimeters away from the screen and there is no hassle regarding the shadow creating an obstruction in the images.It also consists of some brilliant features that are as follows:
  • It allows flexibility in the screen size from 50″ to 100″.
  • It also supports in-built speakers with a subwoofer as well.
  • You can connect the projector to wires or can go wireless as well.
  • It has LED technology to get clear images.
  • You can easily share pictures, audio, videos and whatever you desire by using Bluetooth or DLNA and Wifi also.
  • It is easy to install and setup.
The projector has the capability to share content easily via. Bluetooth, wifi, and DLNA functionality.Check Price – US                       Check Price – UK


Short throw projectors are a great solution to the various problems that cannot be solved in the normal projectors such as limited space, duck and cover etc, such features are loved by many people. Also, with the change in the technology, there is always an up gradation in the existing short throw projectors which makes them more appealing.And if you are fond of watching movies, playing games and giving presentations on the big screen but you are short of space then you can refer a short throw projector. But before purchasing a short throw projector refer and analyze all the features carefully according to your preferences and make the right choice.Although, we have mentioned the best short throw projectors if we have forgotten any of the best short throw projectors then please mention them in the comments below.For any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment!!
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