Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming – Buyer’s Guide

MechanicalEagle Z-77
If the term mechanical adds with the keyboard then it will become expensive to buy. Mechanical Keyboards are more durable, quickly responsive and customizable one than normal traditional keyboards. These Keyboards are not cheap, but after spending several hours on the research of cheap and best mechanical keyboards, in this article, I am going to list cheap and best under the price tag of $50. Yes don’t shock, under $50 mechanical keyboards are available but are very difficult to find. This article helps you to buy one by comparing different mechanical keyboards.Best Mechanical KeyboardsMechanical Keyboards are generally used by Gaming Professionals because it has long lifespan than the traditional one. These keyboards are integrated with the latest technology and additional features to enhance the productivity of the work. Mechanical keyboards are best for those people who spend most of the day with a keyboard and want one that’s more comfortable and durable.  Also, the development of the technology in the field of the keyboard made them smarter and cool to play with.

How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard is not very difficult for you if you are a professional gamer. If you know your gaming requirement and also know the type of functions required for the proper rest of your hand. If you are new, then with this quick guide you will be able to choose the best for you.
  1. Keyboard Layout: Keyboard Layout is the first thing which you should look for while buying. The Layout of Keyboard comes in various size. The most common are the full-size keyboards with all the keys available. The next one is the 80% in which Number Keys section is not available. These types of keyboards are perfect for those who have to move their hand on the keyboard more quickly. And the other types are also available in which no of keys are less. The choice is yours.
  2. Which type of Switches are Available: The type of switch integrated into the Mechanical Keyboard will affect the performance. There are basically three types of switches available i.e. Tactile, Clicky, and Linear and comes with the combination of Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Red and Clear colors. If you want the best for gaming, then you can go with Linear Cherry Red Switches.
  3. Choosing the best Board: If you are looking for the best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, then you can go for WASD Keyboards because they are available in Full, TKL, and 60% variants also. And for professional gamers, the boards with different backlights are very much beneficial.
  4. Keyboard Weight: This factor is recommended for those who love to place Keyboards on there Laps and start playing. For those people, the weight of the keyboard should be minimum. For this, you should select TLK or 60% keyboards as they have fewer switches and ultimately weights less.
  5. Keyboard Dimensions: Keyboard dimension is also one of the major factors as the smaller the keyboard will be, it requires less space to keep and you can also carry it with you.
  6. Keyboard Type: The keyboard type means whether you want wiring or Wireless Keyboard. This is your personal choice and both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages. 
Now I this much knowledge will be enough for you to choose the best Mechanical Keyboard. Now let’s check out the list of the best mechanical keyboards to choose the best from it.

List of Best Mechanical Keyboards

Now I am going to list the cheap and best mechanical keyboard which you can buy at very less price. These are the good quality products with customer reviews on Amazon.
Keyboard NameWeightDimensionWarrantyPrice
Logitech G1051.94 Pounds8.78 x 19.57 x 1.65
1-YearCheck Price
EagleTec KG0102.3 Pounds17.6 x 7 x 1.1
Ask SellerCheck Price
Velocifire VM012.2 Pounds18 x 6.3 x 1.2
1-YearCheck Price
BlueFinger Mech
1.6 Pounds18.3 x 5.1 x 1.6
1-YearCheck Price
Redragon K552-N2.2 Pounds13.9 x 4.9 x 1.5
Ask SellerCheck Price
MechanicalEagle Z-772.7 Pounds15.1 x 7.6 x 1.7
1-YearCheck Price
Microsoft Natural
Ergonomic Keyboard
2.2 Pounds25 x 11 x 3
3-YearsCheck Price
Razer DeathStalker
1.9 Pounds18.4 x 8.4 x 1.1
Ask SellerCheck Price

1. Logitech G105

Logitech G105Logitech G105 is the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard integrated with blue LED backlighting for easy working in dark place. The most special feature of this keyboard is that it has 6 programmable G-keys which can perform 18 unique functions per game. You can also use Multi-Key Input function to perform multiple complex actions without interference. With this device, you can instantly control volume, mute, start, stop pause, forward and back functions with quick action media buttons. The company also provides 1-year limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support.If you want to win every game with an ease and also don,t want your enemy to destroy your kingdom in games, then this Mechanical Keyboard is worth buying. The dual-level blue backlighting and fully programmable G-keys provides you the best gaming experience never before. Also, this Keyboard is integrated with the two different brightness levels which you can easily control and change the brightness level accordingly.If you are using this keyboard, then your game time for playing games will be increased because of its easy navigation and comfortable design which lets you play it for hours. The company also provides 1-year limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support. If you have any query or have any technical issue, you can call the technical department.So, if you are a game freak and want to buy the best mechanical keyboard for your gaming PC in affordable price, then the Logitech G105 is the best.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

2. EagleTec KG010

EagleTec KG010EagleTec KG010 is the Office Mechanical Keyboard. For better performance, this keyboard is integrated with blue LED adjustable lighting and double-shot injection molded keycaps for crystal clear backlighting. It’s custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. This high-quality build technique integrates a metal plate between the switches and the PCB. This keyboard has spell proof mechanism and has tactile feedback.This high-quality build technique integrates a metal plate between the switches and the PCB. This keyboard has spell proof mechanism and has tactile feedback.You can easily control the multimedia with the keys provided on the keyboard itself. Also, the concave keys allow your fingertips to glide naturally from key to key. It is integrated with the custom mechanical switches which provide longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback. You can also adjust the height of the keyboard from the back and set the appropriate angle. The Aluminum and ABS construction and plate-mounted mechanical keys will last for long and give you the best gaming experience.For better assistance, the company is providing limited time manufacturing warranty and free technical support. Also, if you want any technical help, you can call the technical department and get the solution for your problem asap.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

3. Velocifire VM01

Velocifire VM01 is the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which gives the best tactile typing experience. Integrated with greenish LED backlit provides you the best gaming experience even in dark. The Anti-ghosting 104 Keys, 12 multimedia controls on Function keys allows you to easily play your game and will ultimately increase your gameplay. The quality brown switch is provided with the best “clicky” tactile.Made with robust & sturdy top-grade ABS material which provides perfect water & dust proof effect. 1.6m cable with gold plated USB connector and magnet ring, for safe data transmission and higher durability. Integrated with the 5 awesome LED backlit modes with 3 brightness & changing speed levels to switch any mode as you like.The company has tested the durability with 50 million times keystroke test, 55+/-15 grams keystroke force and 2.0+/-0.2mm stroke travel. It will likely last for 10 or more years. For serious gamers, this mechanical keyboard is very helpful. You can easily defend your enemy and win the game like a king.Also, the company provides limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support. If you are buying this keyboard and want any technical assistance, then the company provides 24X7 technical support with this product. You can ask for the solution and they will provide you asap.Check Price – US

4. BlueFinger Mech Keyboard

BlueFinger Mech KeyboardBlueFinger with 87 Keys is the Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Each key is controlled by a separate switch which let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response.  Also, this mechanical keyboard is integrated with BLUE SWITCH technology which allows you to just press the key gently to get the proper functionality. No need to apply more force. For the comfort of the user, a Detachable Wrist Rest Pad, and Scientific ladder keycap is integrated for the comfort while working so long. With 8 Luxurious Backlight Mode, you can customize it according to your need. One of the best features of this Keyboard is that its 19 Keys work simultaneously and each key is controlled by a separate switch which enables you to high-grade games with fast response.You can also change the backlight effect in 3 different colors by pressing FN key and SL key. Just press FN key and PS key can enter 3 color breathing color, which is more high-grade and luxurious. For proper functioning of this Mechanical Keyboard, you have to provide proper power supply voltage of +5V+/ -0.5V. Also, the service life of this Mechanical Keyboard is 50 million key operations.This Keyboard weights only 2.2 pounds which will be easy for the user to use it even by carrying it in hands and also the dimension is 26 x 24 x 3 inches to be fit anywhere. The company provides limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support with this product.Check Price – US

5. Redragon K552-N

Redragon K552-NRedragon K552-N is the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for ultimate gaming performance. Made with 100% anti-ghosting and conflict-free keys. Integrated with 12 multimedia controls, you can customize the buttons according to your own needs and requirement. This product is compatible with Windows and Mac PC and Laptops. This Keyboard is made of heavy duty metal and ABS construction, double-shot injection molded keycaps, high-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs, a gold-plated USB connector, and a splash-resistant design. The custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. With this Keyboard, it will be easy to paly any type of games in any condition. This keyboard will provide you flexibility with different types of games.All the features of this Mechanical Keyboard made this a perfect product to use with your Gaming PC. This Keyboard will provide you the best gaming performance even in adverse conditions and the durability will make it tough to get broken. This Mechanical Keyboard is inexpensive so that you can easily buy it and play games very efficiently.The company also provides limited time manufacturing warranty and free technical support for better assistance. If you buy this product from Amazon, then you will get User Guide and Warranty Card along with the Mechanical Keyboard in the box.Check Price – US

6. MechanicalEagle Z-77

MechanicalEagle Z-77MechanicalEagle Z-77 is the mechanical keyboard for hardcore gamers to play extreme games. This product comes with 5 PCS of free switches to use as replacement keys. It’s custom mechanical switches are designed for responsiveness, durability, medium resistance, nice click sound, and tactile feedback. This Mechanical Keyboard is designed with the newest switch replacing technology and provides high-performance Gaming experience. You can easily replace the keys also as they support switch DIY replacement. Just use a puller tool to pull the switch from the axle on a socket then mount a new switch on the socket.Also, provides with the Anti-Ghosting 25 Keys which is controlled independently and it gives an accurate response even when hitting multiple keys at the same time. This keyboard is made very durable with the use of top-grade ABS material and metal makes it sturdy and robust. Integrated with some function shortcuts key which can provide you the access to a calculator, email, web browser, volume, media etc by pressing FN+F1-F12.Also, this keyboard is compatible with Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows VISTA enables laptops and PCs. This product comes with 1-year limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support. If you want to know more about your product or want some technical help, then you can contact the technical department.Check Price – US                      Check Price – UK

7. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard is the specially designed keyboard for providing better support and rest to your arms. Integrated with cushioned palm rest for better support while resting your hands with this plush. This plush palm rest and lift will keep your wrist in a relaxed, natural angle with the keyboard’s curved key bed, ergonomic arc, and reversed slope.Integrated with the handy hotkeys which provide quick, customizable way to reach files, folders, and web pages. According to some studies, ergonomic keyboard designs, such as the Microsoft Natural line, have been associated with significant reduction of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. With this Ergonomic Keyboard, you can quickly access to common tasks, including product information, registration, settings, and more for popular devices such as cell phones, cameras, printers, and mouse, keyboard, and webcam products.The Zoom Slider lets you zoom in for close-ups of Web pages, images, and more – with just the touch of a finger. This device is compatible with all windows and mac laptops and PCs. Also, the Microsoft provides good customer support and 3-years warranty for better assistance. All these extraordinary features made this keyboard a must buy keyboard. If you want some change, then definitely buy this keyboard.Check Price – US                           Check Price – UK

8. Razer DeathStalker Essential

Razer DeathStalker EssentialRazer DeathStalker Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. With its anti-ghosting capabilities, you can deliver overwhelming destruction to your opponents, and ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly. With Razer Synapse 2.0 is cutting-edge technology, you can easily command the keyboard according to user need. The response time of the key is very good as compared to other keyboards in this category. This Razer product comes with limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support for better assistance.This Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best to choose from this ultimate list. This Keyboard will make your gameplay more easy and fantastic. You can easily change the settings according to you and enjoy using it. This will gives you the best gaming experience and allows you to control the PC very easily and fluently.The response time of the key is very good as compared to other keyboards in this category. This Razer product comes with limited time manufacturer warranty and free technical support for better assistance. If you are facing some technical problem, you can ask the technical department for the solution.Check Price – US                       Check Price – UK

Editor’s Recommendation

This is the Ultimate List of Inexpensive Mechanical Keyboards which you can buy for your gaming PC. If you are still confused in selecting one best for you, then I will recommend the best Keyboard for you.According to me, the best Inexpensive Mechanical Keyboard is Logitech G105. The reason for choosing it as the best product is that it is from the trustable brand Logitech and is overloaded with some exceptional features with the latest technology which made it the best in this category.With these products, I am ending this article. Hope you liked the list of best buys mechanical keyboards under the reasonable price. If you find this article resourceful, then please share it on social media and also with your friends.This is all for this article. Thanks for reading…..
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