Top 10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners to Buy in 2019

Fuel Injector Cleaner
Is it Myth or Fact that Fuel Injector Cleaner removed or washed away harmful contaminant left after combustion of Fuel? There is another Myth or Fact pertaining to Fuel Injector Cleaner i.e. Fuel Cleaner scrubbed so ferociously that it will deface the Fuel Injector. So, you will get the answer to your every question or it’s time to Bye Bye! the Old wives’ tale.Before reaching any point on Fuel Injector Cleaner. Let me sheds light on the Fuel Injector First:

What is Fuel Injector?

The feeding of the high-pressure fuel to the internal combustion engine for the combustion of fuel. This Fuel Injector actuated by engine control unit or fuel injector control module. Then, Fuel Injector act as an actuator for delivering the intake mixture of fuel to generate engine output through the combustion process. The following are the types of Fuel Injector given below:
    1. Throttle Body Fuel Injectors
    2. Sequential fuel injector
    3. Port or multi-point fuel injection
    4. Direct injection Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector
Along with robust design and are capable of using Ethanol Fuel, the Bosch Fuel Injectors, nowadays a best fuel injector in the market. Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and is standard equipment on many diesel engines or petrol today. 

Functions of Fuel Injector

The Fuel Injector injects the fuel to an extent up to the requirement of fuel necessary for the vehicle with the help of nozzle. Thereby, convert the fuel into the tiny droplet delivered to the combustion chamber. Likewise the carburetor, the fuel injector prepares the homogenous mixture of fuel. This is to ensure that your gasoline burnt completely inside the combustion chamber.

Benefits of Fuel Injector

  • Increased Efficiency of Motors: As of Fuel in Mist format does not produce any pressure on the wall of Motor to avoid wear and tear of the surface of Motor.
  • Combustion of Fuel to the maximum extent: The tiny droplets of Fuel sprinkle inside the combustion chamber burnt almost completely. Thus, one can save the money to such an extent by increasing the mileage of the vehicle or fuel economy.
  • Reduction in the emission of Harmful Substances: This unburnt hydrocarbon damage the environment and the vehicle engine by releasing the toxic substance. Therefore, Fuel Injector lessens the emission of harmful substance without polluting the environment much.
Uptill, I provide you with the Information related to the Fuel Injector. However, Now, let’s move to the main topic: The Fuel Injector Cleaner. Below you will find How to choose Fuel Injector Cleaner for washed away the Fuel Injector. Related ArticlesThe 11 Best GoPro HERO 6 Accessories in 2019Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in 2019 for Youtube Videos

How to Choose Best Fuel Injector Cleaner?

They are several parameters on which you can able to choose best Fuel Injector Cleaner. They are plenty of Fuel Cleaner in the market which may work with Gasoline and/or Petrol Engine. Let us consider the few parameters which play important role in the cleaning of Fuel Injector or Fuel System (Known as Fuel Injector Cleaner or Fuel System Cleaner).
  • Provide Fuel Stability: The Fuel or Gasoline made up of numerous amount of Hydrocarbon molecule. Out of which there is the number of molecules which are free radical and unstable in nature and primarily cause the fuel degradation. The Free radical has the unpaired electron, so, it absorbs oxygen and thus this process is called as Oxidation. To remove oxidization from the fuel, the unpaired electron of Fuel Hydrocarbon combines with the molecule of Fuel Cleaner to stabilize the fuel.
  • Clean Debris (Gum and varnish) in fuel: The few of flask layer of Ethanol contaminants sticking to the surface of the carburetor, Engine Manifolds, Intake Valve, Exhaust Valve and throttle valves. As Fuel stored in the fuel tank gets stale. By dint of this, reduces fuel quality and decreases the Octane and Cetane value of the Fuel. The Fuel Cleaner has boosted up the Octane and Cetane value of the petrol and diesel engine respectively as well as enhanced the fuel economy of the vehicle. Also, letting the fuel fresh and free of gum and varnish.
  • Avoid Water or Phase Separation: The major problem which we all encountered for degradation of fuel is the vulnerability of Ethanol Fuel towards the water. If this left untreated then it will create phase separation. As Ethanol mop up 50% of water. Then this water forms the cluster and falls at the bottom of the tank along with Fuel. This leaves the upper layer of the fuel with improper octane value which lowers the engine performance. So, Fuel cleaner comes into the picture to reduce the surface tension of the water clusters to vaporize safely during combustion of Fuel and without using the chemical emulsifiers reducing the thermal efficiency of Engine.    
  • Avoid Power loss or Poor combustion: After Combustion the residual particle left due to Unburnt hydrocarbon inside the combustion chamber which obstructs the sufficient oxygen to react with the fuel for complete combustion of fuel. Thus, unclog the combustion chamber to react the oxygen completely with the help of Fuel System Cleaner. Thus increase the engine performance by avoiding power loss.
  • Compatible with Diesel and Petrol Engine: Ideally there are two fuel cleaners named as Petrol Injector Cleaner and Diesel Injector Cleaner. Indeed, the fuel cleaner introduces below serves purposes for both Diesel as well petrol engine. Moreover, it is also known as Fuel System Cleaner which deeply penetrates inside the engine manifold to mop up the tar, debris, gum or varnish.
  • Lubricating the Fuel System: It is miles tough to lubricate the engine from inside or greasing it on the regular interval. Thus, this fuel System Cleaner works well to protect the walls of Engine Manifolds.
  • Non Abrasive or harsh in Nature: To Unclog the Fuel Injector valve or wipe the engine walls, it is good to go with gentle scrubber which removes the harmful hydrocarbon particle.
Hopefully, all consumers got the answer to opt for the Fuel Injector Cleaner or Fuel System Cleaner to mop off the harmful Gasoline contaminants. Also, elucidate all your concern pertaining to the Petrol Injector Cleaner and/or Diesel Injector Cleaner in penultimate paragraph. Below you’ll find the detailed overview of the Top 10 Fuel Injector Cleaner.

Top 10 Fuel Injector Cleaner to Buy in 2019

Fuel Injector Cleaner Brand NameUsed as Gasoline or Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner (Yes/No)Used as Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner (Yes/No)Volume of Fuel Injector Cleaner CanPrice
Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate PlusYesYes20 ozCheck Price
Lucas LUC10013 Fuel TreatmentYesYes128 ozCheck Price
SeaFoam Fuel Injector CleanerYesYes16 ozCheck Price
BG 44K Fuel System CleanerYesYes11 ozCheck Price
Star Tron Enzyme Fuel TreatmentYesNo8 ozCheck Price
B12 Chemtool Injector CleanerYesNo176 ozCheck Price
Hot Shot's Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and BoostNoYes32 ozCheck Price
Royal Purple 11722-6PK Max-Clean Fuel Synthetic CleanerYesYes20 ozCheck Price
Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection CleanerYesNo10 ozCheck Price

1. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

To Unclog your fuel injector by breaking the bonds of carbon deposit on the fuel injector, the Chevron 65740 Techron fuel cleaner enables the engine to run smoothly.Reason to consider the Chevron 65740 Techron Fuel CleanerChevron 65740 Techron Fuel CleanerThe additives with low-quality gasoline especially ethanol which lower the efficiency of the engine due to deposition of carbon soot on the fuel injector. So, Chevron 65740 Techron restores the lost power, acceleration, lost fuel economy, and operation of the fuel gauge sensor by scrubbing the harmful deposit on the fuel injector.Not only clean fuel injector, however, also clean harmful carbon soots from carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. This Fuel cleaner compatible with both petrol engine as well as with diesel engine. Also, act as a fuel system cleaner by just sprinkling few drops (20 oz. bottle) of Chevron fuel cleaner after every 3000 miles or at the time of Oil change. Most important of all, Chevron injector cleaner with long neck pour the chemical ingredient PEA (Polyether Amine) which is non-abrasive and natural compound helps in reducing the rough idle, engine surge, hesitation, and spark plug fouling. In order to increase the operational consistency, it can even use the Flex Fuel E85.Cons of Chevron 65740 Techron Fuel CleanerIf you used it on the regular basis after every 1000-3000 miles it will enhance your engine efficiency. However, it does not work in a long run to clean-up debris inside the fuel system.Not work well in the Diesel engine as hardly we find any significant change at the piston head of cylinder. Initially, it is hard to unbottle the fuel cleaner by turning the lid anti-clockwise.Buy Now from Amazon

2.Lucas LUC10013 Fuel Treatment

The Lucas Fuel injector cleaner designed to increase the fuel mileage and lower the exhaust emissions through a complete combustion. Exceedingly increase the performance of the engine by thoroughly clean the debris or carbon particle deposit at the piston head or at the emission manifold.Lucas LUC10013 Fuel TreatmentReason to consider the Lucas LUC10013 Fuel TreatmentThe Lucas LUC10013 fuel Injector cleaner can be developed for both Gasoline and Diesel engine. This fuel cleaner considers being an eco-friendly additive as it lowers down the emission of Sulphur content during emission. Also, not only it cleans the fuel injector or carburetor but also lubricates the fuel injector to work properly in order of opening and closing of valves. So that, fuel will burn completely burn inside the combustion chamber for enhancing thermal efficiency and Volumetric efficiency of locomotives.Along with performance, the Lucas Fuel cleaner will surely increase the life of pumps and injectors and also emission manifold for getting damaged by deposition carbon particle. Unlike other fuel injector cleaners, the Lucas Fuel Treatment has proven the PEA (Polyester Amine) with Material Safety Data Sheets which act as an aid of scrubbing the harmful particle over the fuel injector. Moreover, it will increase the power and miles per gallon by burning excess exhaust emissions.Cons of Lucas LUC10013 Fuel TreatmenIt is tough enough to remove all unwanted particle deposit on the surface of the fuel injector. By virtue of which, you can land up to the decision of not using it anymore. Despite this, the cost of this fuel cleaner is really high as compared to other fuel injector cleaners of the same chemical property. Buy Now from Amazon

3. SeaFoam Fuel Injector Cleaner

The Fuel Injectors are fouled mainly due to contamination in Gasoline or any other fluid used in the locomotive. To remove stockpiling of unwanted substance at the surface of Fuel Injector, the SeaFoam Fuel System Cleaner serves well enough to scrub the engine parts and fuel injector.Reason to consider the SeaFoam Fuel Injector CleanerSeaFoam Fuel CleanerThe SeaFoam Fuel Cleaner gently scrub the fuel cleaner and readied the engine to give performance effectively and efficiently. This Fuel Cleaner purely consists of Petroleum additives without the blend of any harsh detergents which will remove harmful tartar deposits in or out of the engine or on the fuel injector. The Carbon deposition inside engine manifolds cleaned up by using the blend of Natural mixture i.e. Pale Oil and Naptha which is nonabrasive in nature.Act as Fuel fuel additives, SeaFoam is the best fuel system cleaner to provide lubricity and protects the engine from corrosion. Amongst the best fuel treatment product, Seafoam is mixed up with fuel in order to dissolve corrosive fuel to protect the engine manifold from getting blocked. The Oxidized fuel directly pours into the Diesel or Gasoline engine leads to poor engine performance.So, this fuel cleaner or gas cleaner helps to resist the Oxidation and evaporation of the fuel hydrocarbon. Before going for an oil and filter change, recommend your mechanics to sprinkle Sea Diesel fuel injector cleaner or petroleum fuel injector cleaner or fuel cleaner. It can work well with any engine such as Auto, Truck, 2 Stroke Engine or 4 Stroke Engine, Carburetor or Fuel injection engine and so on. Moreover, it is added with crankcase oil to remove the liquid conventional or synthetic contaminant of motor oil. Cons of Lucas SeaFoam Fuel Injector CleanerAmongst the best fuel additives, the SeoFoam Fuel cleaner hasn’t performed well under Idling condition. Though it guaranteed to improve the engine performance and to an extent, it can improve the engine performance.  However finally one needs to change the change the fuel injector or spark plugs after the long run.Buy Now from Amazon

4.BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

The one out every third mechanic prefers BIG 44K Fuel cleaner over any other fuel cleaner. The fuel residual left on the surface of fuel system injector, combustion chamber, pistons, inlet valve, the outlet valve and exhaust ports after 5000 miles reduces fuel economy. In order to boost up car performance, the BIG 44K Fuel Cleaner mop up the harmful unwanted particle or carbon build ups.BG 44k Fuel Injector CleanerReason to consider the BG 44K Fuel System CleanerThe BG 44k helps to remove the debris or carbon build in 2 or 4 Stroke Diesel or Petrol Engine from the Engine manifolds, carburetor, on the piston head and so on. One can require 1 bottle of BG 44k (11 oz.) for every 20 gallons of fuels to remove the carbon soots. All carbon particles dissolve in BG 44k fuel cleaner to protect it from oxidation and evaporation of fuel. The less emission of the heavy particle emitted into the air from the engine. The following functions of BG 44K fuel cleaner are as follows:
  • Restores performance
  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Increases power output
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
The poor quality fuel reduces the engine efficiency and harms the life of engine components. It also causes increased in exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, drivability problems and engine knock. For maintaining the performance of the initial services up to the 100,000 miles/160,000 km, after every 15000 miles or 25000 km inject the BG 44K Fuel injector cleaner into the petrol tank to clean the carbon particle deposits on the fuel injector. Cons of BG 44K Fuel System CleanerThis fuel injector cleaner helpful when it is used on a regular basis after every 5000 miles. However, if consumers used it after so long time, then it’s miles tough to clean up the surface of the fuel injector, engine manifold, piston, crankshaft, Inlet and outlet valve, and many more. It’s slightly on an expensive side as compared to other fuel cleaners with the amount of quantity pouring once inside the fuel tank.Buy Now from Amazon

5. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment 

By the help of Enzyme Technology, the Star Tron Enzyme fuel cleaner help to boost up the boats, automobiles, trucks, RVs, tractors, farm equipment, generators, lawn mowers, lawn equipment, oil burning furnaces and all other small engines. Star Tron is the multifunctional fuel additives.Star Tron Enzyme Fuel TreatmentReason to consider the Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Star Tron Fuel system cleaner helps to sort out the Ethanol fuel problem which will lower down the fuel economy. Moreover, this fuel cleaner helps to stabilize gas for up to 2 years to revitalize the fuel system. Most of the mechanic in the market prefer Star Tron fuel cleaner to keep engine run smoothly with the fewer emission of exhaust gases.This fuel cleaner separates the water from the fuel to protect it from getting oxidized and evaporation of fuel. This can be done by vaporizing the water by decreasing the surface tension. In order to improve engine performance and the engine runs smoothly, the Star Tron remove the carbon deposits, gum, and varnish. The Enzyme are biocatalyst which chemically reacts to form multiple molecules and it is not consumed in the process.Thus, integrated with this latest enzyme technology, the Star Tron breaks the bond of carbon build-ups particle on the fuel injector. Star Tron breaks the soft gums to obtain Octane value (Act as an Octane Booster) for the fuel. Here are the following functions of the Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment:
  • Cures Ethanol Problem
  • Remove Carbon Deposit
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Stabilize the Fuel
  • Increase Power
Benefits to the atmosphere
  • Only 55% less unburned hydrocarbons produced
  • 37% less emission of deadly monoxide
  • 44%  less emission of nitride oxides
Cons of Star Tron Enzyme Fuel TreatmentThis fuel system cleaner works with Gasoline Engine, however, not with Diesel Engine. This Fuel Cleaner requires two bottles to clean the debris from the surface of the fuel injector.But Now from Amazon

6. B12 Chemtool Injector Cleaner

The Berryman introduced High Energy Solvent Technology which washed away the unwanted particle from the surface of the Fuel Injector or Fuel System Cleaner. This Fuel injector is mainly designed for the petrol engine. So, it is known as Gasoline Engine Cleaner or Petrol Injector Cleaner.Reason to consider the B12 Chemtool Injector Cleaner & Fuel SystemB12-Chemtool-Injector-CleanerThe entire fuel system or engine manifold protected with the help of Berryman Fuel System and Injector Cleaner. The use of strong solvent opposed to weak carriers and diluents such as mineral spirits or kerosene. The most trusted brand among the consumer from last 50 years or so ensures Ensures higher compression, fewer repairs, lower operating costs and increased spark plug and injector life.Formulated with High Energy Solvent Technology (H.E.S.T.) to clean all gasoline injector system circuits by dissolving varnish, carbon and gum deposits. Contains highly effective detergents to thoroughly clean and lubricate injectors. Eliminates after-run.This Fuel injector wipes away all the carbon particle to keep the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor works well. The natural catalytic reaction allows this fuel system cleaner’s chemical to react with unwanted carbon particle on the surface the of the fuel injector to break the Hydrocarbon bonds. To eliminate the knocking Phenomenon and backfiring due to deposition of harmful carbon particle, we can use B12 Chemtool Injector CleanerThis fuel cleaner mainly used for the light motor vehicle (LMV) especially petroleum engine such as Bikes, cars, scooters and so on.  Cons of B12 Chemtool Injector CleanerAll those consumers who prefer this Fuel Injector Cleaner cautiously use this product as it is highly inflammable and poisonous substance. The major disadvantage of Berryman fuel injector system is that it is used as petrol injector cleaner rather than Diesel injector cleaner.Buy Now from Amazon

7. Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

The one of the premier Diesel Injector Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost thoroughly washed off the unwanted particle i.e. unburn hydrocarbon. The Diesel Fuel Injector, the Diesel Extreme clean almost everything such as Fuel tank, lines, and injector tips and remove moisture.Hot Shot's Extreme Diesel Fuel Injector CleanerReason to consider the Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and BoostThis fuel system cleaner helps in lubricating the fuel system to remove dust and grease in order to improve the throttle response which is responsible for accelerating the vehicle at the time idling. To Fuel pumps and Engine manifolds from wear and tear, the Hot Shot’s Extreme Diesel Extreme fuel system cleaner aids in lubricating the surface of the Engine surface.Act as the best fuel stabilizer for Diesel operated locomotives, this fuel cleaner boosts up the cetane index and stabilize the fuel. Also, separate the water from the fuel by decreasing the surface tension of the water. So, it will enhance the mileage of the vehicle and simultaneously it protect the Engine manifold from getting damaged by corrosion. To such a great extent, this Diesel injector cleaner mitigates the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter: Responsible for burning of carbon soot at a higher temperature by active and passive mean) regeneration cycles up to 50%.Thereby surge in the vehicle performance or thermal efficiency of the engine. Hence, Increases mileage & eliminates stiction from the fuel system. Moreover, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Diesel Injector Cleaner is environment-friendly which Eliminates black smoke & improves cold starting.Cons of Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and BoostThe Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme has only wiped off the debris from Diesel Engine or it has only worked with Diesel Engine so it is considered as Diesel Fuel Injector instead of Gasoline Engine. The consumer’s reviews don’t sound ebullient enough about using Diesel Extreme fuel cleaner as Diesel Fuel Injector, as per our desire, not works well with the vehicle using high-quality fuel.Buy Now from Amazon


STP has tested their Super Concentrated Fuel Injector thoroughly with every fuel quality. The variety of Test proven that STP ULTRA 5 IN 1 FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER washed away all the harmful unwanted particle which is responsible for lowering down Engine efficiency.STP Fuel Injector CleanerReason to consider the STP ULTRA 5 IN 1 FUEL SYSTEM CLEANERThe High-quality detergents scale the few mm flakes from the surface of the fuel injector. This Fuel Injector serving many purposes for the enhancing the Engine performance; act as an antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor and anti-wear additive. After every 4000 miles or Oil Change use STP Ultra 5 In Fuel System Cleaner 9 to lubricate the entire engine body which helps in saving the gas by the deep cleaning the entire fuel system, restoring peak performance, reduce friction, and prevent the engine from ethanol deposits.The 12 fl. oz. bottle treats up to 35 gallons of gasoline. Here is the composition of formulated additives which is highly effective as compared to other Fuel Cleaners such as Hydrodesulfurized Kerosene (30-40%), Solvent naphtha (petroleum)(15-40%), light aromatic, Alkylphenol polyoxyalkyl alkylamine (15-40%), 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene (1-20% ), 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene (1-10%), Propylbenzene (1-10%), 1,2,3-Trimethylbenzene (<5%), Xylene (<5%), Cumene (<5%), Naphthalene (<5%) and Ethylbenzene (<1%).This Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all Gasoline engine and works with direct inject, hybrid and turbo systems and also with the capless gas system.Cons of STP ULTRA 5 IN 1 FUEL SYSTEM CLEANERThe Major disadvantage of STP Fuel Injector Cleaner is given as, first, it is highly inflammable in nature and second, it is hazardous substance to use as of poisonous in nature. One must carefully use this fuel cleaner as it may cause serious health issue such as skin irritation, Eye Irritation, respiratory irritation, drowsiness or dizziness and suspected of causing cancer.Buy Now from Amazon

9. Royal Purple 11722-6PK Max-Clean Fuel Synthetic Cleaner

The premium brand Royal Purple’s Max-Clean wipes the carbon soot from the surface of Fuel Injector Cleaner and also, deeply clean the Carburetor and Engine manifolds. This Fuel cleaner works well with every Gasoline and Diesel Engine to provide engine performance.Royal Purple Max CleanReason to consider the Royal Purple 11722-6PK Max-Clean Fuel Synthetic CleanerIt has proven after the various test that Royal Purple’s Max-Clean vanishes almost harmful debris from the Fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers to restore fuel economy and reduce emissions. Below you will find the various advantage of Royal Purple’s Max-Clean Fuel Injector.
  • Improve fuel economy up to an average of 3.2 percent and restore horsepower up to an average of 2.6 percent.
  • Reduce hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions up to 12, 13 and 18 percent respectively.
  • Prevent rough idle, hesitation, and stalling. This Fuel cleaner also deep penetrate into the engine manifolds to wash the debris from throttle valve.
  • Prevent premature spark plug fouling by unclogging the Fuel Injector from harmful carbon deposits which clogged as of carbon build. 
  • Reduce deposit-related engine knocking and pinging.
  • Stabilize fuel during off-season and storage.
  • Superior corrosion and oxidation inhibitor.
Cons of Royal Purple 11722-6PK Max-Clean Fuel Synthetic CleanerThe Royal Purple’s Max-clean does not produce the significant result in terms of removing the debris and varnish.  Also, seems more expensive as far the amount of Quantity poured into the fuel injector. This Fuel System Cleaner does not work for the longest time.Buy Now from Amazon

10. Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

The Gasoline compatible Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner has scrubbed the harmful particle stick to the surface of the carburetor, fuel injector, and engine manifold. The Jectron Fuel cleaner reduces fuel consumption and restores performance and throttle response.Reason to consider the Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline or Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner In order to retrieve the engine free Ethanol contaminants, One 300 ml can is sufficient for fuel treatment of 20 gallons of fuel. The Petrol Fuel Injector or Gasoline Fuel Injector resolved the various difficulties such as starting, irregular idling, poor throttle response, performance losses, urges due to lean mixture and poor exhaust values caused by contaminated injection systems. This fuel cleaner normalizes gasoline consumption and exhaust emissions values and tested for catalytic converters.Jectron Gasoline or Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner Below You will find the advantage of Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner
  • Cleans injectors without wear and tear as Jectron Gasoline or Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner scrub gently without using harsh detergent.
  • Unclogged the intake valves by cleaning the carbon soot deposit after combustion of fuel.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions as most of the fuel burnt completely in the combustible chamber after unclogging or separate water from the fuel from getting it oxidized.
  • Restores performance, drivability, and durability by enhancing the thermal efficiency and Fuel economy.
  • Promotes accurate injector dosing and fuel atomization (engine regains its original performance).
  • Smother idling, good throttle response after removal of the unburnt reliqued by-product of fuel adhere well to the surface of Engine Manifold, Throttle valve, Intake valve, Exhaust Valve and fuel injector. 
  • Stop starting problems, hesitation, stalling, and lean surging.
The Technical specification of the Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner such as grey colour, 63-degree flash point, Density at 40 degrees Celsius and Viscosity at 40 degree Celsius are 0,806 g/cm³ and 2,0 mm²/s.Cons of Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection CleanerCannot be used for the long run. However, at a regular interval may be after 3000 km or so, we need this Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner. The Volume of the bottle is too low as compared to other Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner or Fuel Injector Cleaner. The major disadvantage is this it can be only used for the Petrol or Gasoline Engine only.Buy Now from Amazon

Editor’s Recommendation

Lucas LUC10013 Fuel TreatmentThe Fuel System treatment or Fuel Cleaner from Fuel Injector to Engine manifolds and Lubrication of various engine parts such as Exhaust valve, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Inlet valve and carburetor to protect them from degradation, corrosion, varnish, and gums. We acknowledge after testing all those products by our own mentioned above are the Top 10 Fuel Injector Cleaner in the marketplace. However, landing up to the conclusion to choose the best of best among the Top 10 Fuel Cleaner is Lucas LUC10013 Fuel Treatment. This Environment-friendly fuel cleaner lowers down the emission level of harmful contaminants by completely burn the fuel in the combustion chamber without leaving much unburnt fuel hydrocarbon. The Lucas LUC10013 Fuel Treatment is compatible with Gasoline or petrol and Diesel engine gently scrub the unwanted harmful particle from the surface of the fuel injector. So, this is how one can avoid in wear and tear of the Engine parts. By removing the fuel from getting oxidized to such an extent, this Petrol Injector Cleaner or Diesel Injector Cleaner increase the mileage and efficiency of vehicles Thanks to all our viewers for reading this article.(Stay Tuned to us for more interesting articles)
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