Best Tri-Band Routers

10 Best Tri-Band Router 2017 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Every house that uses the internet needs a router. Without it accessing the internet is not possible on multiple devices. So what type of router is best the single band, dual band or the tri-band. The latest technology is the Tri-Band Router as it has three radio- one that operates at  2.4 GHz and the […]

VPN Router

10 Best Wireless VPN Router 2017 – Complete Buying Guide

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an innovative technology which is used to extend a private network across the public network and allows the user to send or receive data across the network. The advantage of employing VPN to the router is to provide a high-security level to the connected system and secure internet connection […]

Wifi Router

Top 10 Wifi Router With The Longest Range

The demand of the long range wifi router is increasing continuously with the growth of the products that are connected to the internet. Keeping that in mind, the need of the long range wifi router that can handle the extensive load is an essential part. The wifi router with stronger wifi signals will allow connecting […]

Cheap Wireless Routers

List of Cheap Wireless Router 2017 – Buying Guide

The market is a boom with different kind of wireless routers with different features and technologies. The wireless routers and their specifications seem a little bit of confusion to some people because of large varieties of features are available with latest technology devices. Here I will make this task easy for everyone who is looking […]

best wireless routers of 2017

The Best Wireless Routers to Buy in 2017

Nowadays the wireless routers are becoming more popular than they used to be, the main reason behind this is more and more people are gaining internet access. The wifi router is now becoming the basic need of people, the basic purpose of the router is to provide the internet access to nearby devices. There are […]

Best Monitor for Home

Best Budget Monitors for Home Use – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are finding a budget monitor to complete your PC set, then this article might help you in finding the best affordable monitors for your home. Yes under this price tag, plenty of decent monitors with full HD and IPS displays are available in the market. Although these monitors may not be hardcore gaming […]

best dual-band router of 2017

List of Best-Dual Band Routers of 2017 – Ultimate Buying Guide

In today’s era, the wireless routers are becoming the basic need of the people who want to enjoy excellent internet speed. Most of the wireless router work on Dual-Band as it has two radio frequency – one band operates at 2.4 GHz frequency and the other band operates at 5 GHz. In today’s market, the […]

Best Short Throw Projectors

The Best Short-Throw Projectors of 2017 – A Complete Buying Guide

The short-throw projectors are different and somehow best from the regular projectors as they can be kept close to the screen as compared to the normal projectors that need to be put at a larger distance to have the best possible view. As if someone is short of space then they need to buy a […]

Best MU-MIMO Routers

10 Best MU-MIMO Routers to Buy in 2017

Have you heard of the term ‘MU-MIMO‘? No..then I will explain you all about the MU-MIMO as well as MU-MIMO Routers in this guide. First of all, What is MU-MIMO?   Multi-user Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) is a technology that is going to revolutionize the future wireless communication and wireless router transmissions industry. The MU-MIMO […]


15 Best Budget Projectors of 2017 – Inexpensive Projectors List

If we are talking about the Projectors, the first thing which comes to our mind is the price. Generally, projectors are a little bit costlier than monitors and also require some extra time and space for installation. But if you are a fan of big screens, then projectors are best to experience the big. If […]